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Institute for Analysis and Scientific Computing
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10
1040 Wien, Austria

Room: DA 03 K22
Tel: +43 1 58801 10123
Email: Philip Lederer


  1. P. Lederer, "Pressure Robust Discretizations for Navier Stokes Equations: Divergence-free Reconstruction for Taylor-Hood Elements and High Order Hybrid Discontinuous Galerkin Methods", Diploma thesis, TU Wien, 2016, pdf (including fixes)
  2. P. Lederer, "Numerical computation for the incompressible Navier Stokes equations and the coupling with the convection diffusion equation for the temperature", Bachelor thesis, TU Wien, 2013, pdf

Recent work

  1. P. L. Lederer, and J. Schöberl, "Polynomial robust stability analysis for H(div)-conforming finite elements for the Stokes equations", arXiv:1612.01482
  2. P. L. Lederer, A. Linke, C. Merdon, and J. Schöberl, "Divergence-free Reconstruction Operators for Pressure-Robust Stokes Discretizations With Continuous Pressure Finite Elements", arXiv:1609.03701