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Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Lehrenfeld

Christoph Lehrenfeld is now at the RWTH Aachen. You can find him here.


Research Interests

Numerical methods for PDEs, Finite Elements, (Hybrid) Discontinuous Galerkin methods, Fluid dynamics, software development (ngsflow)<br\>


C. Lehrenfeld: Hybrid Discontinuous Galerkin methods for solving incompressible flow problems, Diplomarbeit, RWTH Aachen, 2010 pdf


C. Lehrenfeld, J. Schöberl: Efficient High Order DG Method for Time-domain Maxwells Equations, MAFELAP 2009, London, Great Britain, June 11, 2009 <br\>

An Introduction to Netgen and Ngsolve - Session I. <br\>

An Introduction to Netgen and Ngsolve - Session II. <br\>

Advanced Higher Order Finite Elements From Theory to Application with Netgen/NGSolve


SS 2008: "Mathematische Grundlagen II (CES)" (Exercise) at RWTH Aachen

SS 2009: "Advanced Finite Element Methods" (Project Supervision) at RWTH Aachen


Benard Rayleigh instability (solved with ngsflow)

3D incompr. flow around a cylinder (Re=100) (solved with ngsflow)

other stuff