Finite Element Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics (101.870)

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Lecture every Tuesday and Wednesday starting at 16:00

Subject of course

  1. Definition of the Navier-Stokes and Euler equations
  2. Theory of saddle point problems
  3. Finite element methods for the Stokes equations
  4. (H)DG methods
  5. Discretization of konvection (diffusion) equations (DG, SUPG, Least squares)
  6. Discretization of the Navier-Stokes equations
  7. Discretization of the Euler equations
  8. Riemann solvers

Notes on lecture and exercise

- Lecture notes: Are in preparation and will be updated during the lecture. The actual version can be found here: pdf

- We are going to use NGSolve: Tutorials: i-Tutorials, You can also install Jupyter notebook, and use the tutorials by starting iFEM.ipynb

Additional literature

Jean Donea and Antonio Huerta: Finite Element Methods for Flow Problems

Richard H. Pletcher, John C. Tannehull and Dale A. Anderson: Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer