101.776 VU (2std Vorlesung/Übung, Sommersemester 2019)
Scientific programming in mathematics
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Subject of the course

Programming in C and C++: variables and standard data types, pointers, functions, and recursion, call by value vs. call by reference, loops, objects and classes (resp. structures), operator overloading, inheritance and virtual, templates.

Important dates in a nutshell

Structure of the lecture

Registration / Deregistration

All students that turn out to be registered after the deregistration deadline will be graded (positive or negative evaluation).

After the first meeting (Friday, March 1, 2019), all registered participants will be granted access to TUWEL, the E-Learning platform of TU Wien, where the lecture material can be downloaded (slides, exercise sheets, complementary material).

TISS-News and TISS-Forum

Please activate the email notifications for the TISS-News and the TISS-Forum and check regularly your TU Wien email address, in order not to miss any important information.

Exercise sessions


The final grade consists of two parts, where each part is composed by 40 points. The average of the points obtained in each of the two parts is converted into the final grade according to the following table:

The two parts which compose the final grade are:

In order to pass the exam, you have to satisfy the following conditions:

Help for the students

If you need some help to work out the content of the slides, you can meet the lecturer during the office hours (on Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30, room DA 04 H22, green zone, 4th floor). Please send an email in advance at michele.ruggeri@asc.tuwien.ac.at to guarantee the meeting (and to avoid 'overbooking').

If you need some help with the installation of the necessary software at the beginning of the semester or with the solution of the exercises, there is a weekly tutorial on Mondays from 10:00 to 16:00 (computer lab of the Institute for Analysis and Scientific Computing, green zone, 4th floor). The first tutorial is on Monday, March 4, 2019.

Email addresses

Some preliminary course material (also available in TUWEL)

The software that is necessary can be downloaded from the links below. Most of the explanations are in German language. Should you need some help with the installation, please come to the tutorial on Mondays (see above).

March 1, 2019Video instructions for the lecture starter kit for Windows 10[mp4]
March 1, 2019Lecture starter kit for Windows (with tutorial)[zip]
March 1, 2019Lecture starter kit for MacOS (with tutorial)[zip]
March 1, 2019Lecture starter kit for Linux (with tutorial)[zip]
March 1, 2019How to receive email notifications for news and forum in TISS[pdf]
March 1, 2019How to forward the emails from the TU address to your private address[pdf]