Scientific Publications



Accepted Publications

G. Di Fratta, C.-M. Pfeiler, D. Praetorius, M. Ruggeri, B. Stiftner: Linear second-order IMEX-type integrator for the (eddy current) Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation, accepted for publication in IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis (2019). [abstract] [www]

M. Innerberger, D. Praetorius: Instance-optimal goal-oriented adaptivity, accepted for publication in Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics (2020). [abstract] [www]

C.-M. Pfeiler, D. Praetorius: Dörfler marking with minimal cardinality is a linear complexity problem, accepted for publication in Mathematics of Computation (2020). [abstract]


G. Di Fratta, M. Innerberger, D. Praetorius: Weak-strong uniqueness for the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation in micromagnetics, Nonlinear Analysis: Real-World Applications, 55 (2020), 103122. [abstract] [www] [preprint]

C. Erath, G. Gantner, D. Praetorius: Optimal convergence behavior of adaptive FEM driven by simple (h-h/2)-type error estimators, Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 79 (2020), 623-642. [abstract] [www] [preprint]

G. Gantner, D. Praetorius, S. Schimanko: Adaptive isogeometric boundary element methods with local smoothness control, Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences (M3AS), 30 (2020), 261-307. [abstract] [www] [preprint]

C.-M. Pfeiler, M. Ruggeri, B. Stiftner, L. Exl, M. Hochsteger, G. Hrkac, J. Schöberl, N. Mauser, D. Praetorius: Computational micromagnetics with Commics, Computer Physics Communications, 248 (2020), 106965. [abstract] [www] [preprint]

D. Praetorius, M. Ruggeri, E. Stephan: The saturation assumption yields optimal convergence of two-level adaptive BEM, Applied Numerical Mathematics, 152 (2020), 105-124. [abstract] [www] [preprint]


S. Kurz, D. Pauly, D. Praetorius, S. Repin, D. Sebastian: Functional a-posteriori error estimates for BEM, als Hauptvortrag vorgesehen für: Oberwolfach Workshop on Boundary Element Methods, Oberwolfach, 03.02.2020-07.02.2020, Oberwolfach Reports, (2020). [abstract] [pdf]

Preprints, Technical Reports

R. Becker, M. Innerberger, D. Praetorius: Optimal convergence rates for goal-oriented FEM with quadratic goal functional, ASC Report 7/2020, Institute for Analysis and Scientific Computing, Vienna University of Technology, Wien, 2020, ISBN 978-3-902627-13-1, S. 1-24. [abstract] [pdf]

G. Gantner, A. Haberl, D. Praetorius, S. Schimanko: Rate optimality of adaptive finite element methods with respect to the overall computational costs, ASC Report 4/2020, Institute for Analysis and Scientific Computing, Vienna University of Technology, Wien, 2020, ISBN 978-3-902627-13-1, S. 1-30. [abstract] [pdf]