Scientific Publications



Accepted Publications

A. Bespalov, D. Praetorius, M. Ruggeri: Convergence and rate optimality of adaptive multilevel stochastic Galerkin FEM, IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, accepted for publication (2021). [abstract] [www]

A. Buffa, G. Gantner, C. Giannelli, D. Praetorius, R. Vazquez: Mathematical foundations of adaptive isogeometric analysis, accepted for publication in Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering (2022). [abstract]

G. Gantner, D. Praetorius, S. Schimanko: Stable implementation of adaptive IGABEM in 2D in Matlab, accepted for publication in Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics (2022). [abstract] [www]


A. Amad, T. Betcke, P. Ledger, D. Praetorius: Benchmark computations for the polarization tensor characterization of small conducting objects, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 111 (2022), 94-107. [abstract] [www]

R. Becker, M. Brunner, M. Innerberger, J. Melenk, D. Praetorius: Rate-optimal goal-oriented adaptive finite element method for semilinear elliptic PDEs, Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 118 (2022), 18-35. [abstract] [www]

R. Becker, M. Innerberger, D. Praetorius: Adaptive FEM for parameter-errors in elliptic linear-quadratic parameter estimation problems, SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, 60 (2022), 1450-1471. [abstract] [www]

E. Davoli, G. Di Fratta, D. Praetorius, M. Ruggeri: Micromagnetics of thin films in the presence of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction, Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences (M3AS), 32 (2022), 911-939. [abstract] [www] [preprint]

G. Di Fratta, C.-M. Pfeiler, D. Praetorius, M. Ruggeri: The mass-lumped midpoint scheme for computational micromagnetics: Newton linearization and application to magnetic skyrmion dynamics, Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics, 6 (2022). [abstract] [www]

G. Gantner, D. Praetorius: Plain convergence of adaptive algorithms without exploiting reliability and efficiency, IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, 42 (2022), 1434-1453. [abstract] [www] [preprint]

G. Gantner, D. Praetorius: Adaptive BEM for elliptic PDE systems, Part I: Abstract framework for weakly-singular integral equations, Applicable Analysis, 101 (2022), 2085-2118. [abstract] [www] [preprint]

G. Gantner, D. Praetorius: Adaptive BEM for elliptic PDE systems, Part II: Isogeometric analysis with hierarchical B-splines for weakly-singular integral equations, Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 117 (2022), 74-76. [abstract] [www] [preprint]

A. Kovacs, L. Exl, A. Kornell, J. Fischbacher, M. Hovorka, M. Gusenbauer, L. Breth, D. Praetorius, D. Suess, T. Schrefl: Magnetostatics and micromagnetics with physics informed neural networks, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 548 (2022), 168951. [abstract] [www]

N. Mauser, C.-M. Pfeiler, D. Praetorius, M. Ruggeri: Unconditional well-posedness and IMEX improvement of a family of predictor-corrector methods in micromagnetics, Applied Numerical Mathematics, 180 (2022), 33-54. [abstract] [www]

H. Oezelt, L. Qu, A. Kovacs, J. Fischbacher, M. Gusenbauer, R. Beigelbeck, D. Praetorius, Y. Masao, T. Shoji, A. Kato, R. Chantrell, M. Winklhofer, G. Zimanyi, T. Schrefl: Full-spin-wave-scaled stochastic micromagnetism for mesh-independent simulations of ferromagnetic resonance and reversal, npj Computational Materials, 8 (2022), 35. [abstract] [www]


C.-M. Pfeiler: Numerical analysis and efficient simulation of micromagnetic phenomena, (Supervisor: D. Praetorius, S. Bartels, N. Mauser), Dissertation, Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing, TU Wien, 2022, Examination: 17.03.2022. [abstract] [pdf]

M. Innerberger: Reliable goal-oriented adaptive FEM, (Supervisor: D. Praetorius, R. Becker, R. Stevenson), Dissertation, Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing, TU Wien, 2022, Examination: 27.04.2022. [abstract] [pdf]