FWF Standalone grant: Alternate minimization in fracture mechanics
PIs: Elisa Davoli (formerly Stefano Almi), 358K €; 4 years
OeAD WTZ grant: Multiscale Problems in Materials Science
Austrian PIs: Elisa Davoli (formerly Valerio Pagliari), Czech PI: Stefan Kroemer, 6.7K €; 2 years
FWF Esprit grant: Homogenization in porous media with Preisach Hysteresis
PI: Chiara Gavioli, Mentor: Elisa Davoli, 316K €; 3 years. Declined due to award to C. Gavioli of a MSCA to Prague.
FWF Lise Meitner grant: Optimal control & design problems for piezoelectric materials
PI: Idriss Mazari, Co-Applicant: Elisa Davoli, 164K €; 2 years. Declined due to award to I. Mazari of a permanent position in France.
FWF SFB 65 - project part: Nonlocal challenges in continuum mechanics
PI: Elisa Davoli; 278K €; 4 years
FWF START grant: Tunable materials: geometry, nonlocality, chirality
PI: Elisa Davoli; 1.2 M €; 6 years
FWF Elise Richter grant: High contrast materials in plasticity and magnetoelasticity
PI: Elisa Davoli, 338K €; 4 years
FWF-GAČR Joint Project: Large Strain Challenges in Materials Science
Austrian PI: Elisa Davoli, Czech PI: Martin Kružík, 366K €; 3 years
OeAD WTZ grant: Mathematical Frontiers in Large Strain Continuum Mechanics
Austrian PI: Elisa Davoli, Czech PI: Martin Kružík, 5.8K €; 2 years
FWF Lise Meitner grant: Mappings of final distortion for nonlinear solid mechanics
PI: Anastasia Molchanova, Co-Applicant: Elisa Davoli, 159K €; 2 years