Marco Bresciani, M.Sc.

Update: I have defended my PhD thesis on 20.09.2022. Since September 2022, I have joined the research group of Manuel Friedrich at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg. You can reach me at marco.bresciani[at]

I am currently part of the research group "Multiscale Calculus of Variations" lead by Elisa Davoli at the Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing of TU Wien.

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Vienna under the supervision of Elisa Davoli and Martin Kružík. My doctoral project is funded by the FWF-GAČR joint project "Large-Strain Challenges in Materials Science".I am also member of the Vienna School of Mathematics.

My research concerns the analysis of problems from continuum mechanics and materials science by means of techinques of the calculus of variations and of the theory of partial differential equations. My doctoral project focuses on large-strain models in magnetoelasticity which involve mixed Eulerian-Lagrangian formulations. I am also interested in variational models in dislocation theory.


Curriculum vitae