Some of my recent talks

(GTG-Istanbul 18.1.14) Locally Compact Near Abelian Groups

(CSCASC Koper 10.6.13) A Twisting Function of Finite Groups

(GTG Leipzig 7.6.13) Near Abelian Compact Groups

(GTG Milano 25.1.13) On the Bachmuth-Tomaszewski Basis

(Tag der freien Bildung 21.5.12) Symmetrie in Physik und Technik

(GTG Würzburg) Pi_1(HA) kann auf jede separable proendliche Gruppe abgebildet werden, joint work with Wolfram Hojka

(ÖMG CSASC Tagung) Pro-$p$ Groups Acting with Finite Stabilizers on a pro-$p$ Tree, jointly with Pavel Zalesskii (UNB)

(Antalya 2011 Algebra Days) Free by cyclic pro-p groups, jointly with Pavel Zalesskii (UNB)

(Padova 2010 Commemorating Silvia M Lucido) Subgroups containing the centralizers of its nontrivial elements, joint work with Zvi Arad