ESI Programme on
Profinite Groups

December 7 - December 20 2008

Organising Committee

Karl Auinger (U Vienna)
Fritz Grunewald (U Düsseldorf)
Wolfgang Herfort (TU Vienna)
Pavel A. Zalesskii (UNB Brasilia)

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During recent years interest in profinite groups has grown. Profinite groups are used heavily during the investigation of questions in algebraic geometry, in algebraic number theory, but have also applications outside pure mathematics, for example in computer science (formal language theory) and in theoretical physics (renormalization theory). During the present meeting, however, we rather want to focus on developments within the field of profinite groups itself -- well understanding that many questions about such groups originate from other areas of mathematics.


It is suggested to have a conference on profinite groups during the first week, starting at 8 th of December 2008, while focussing at questions and problems in profinite group theory and the interaction between various researchers during the second week.

Some themes during the workshop

A rough outline of themes of international research, also to be considered during the ESI-workshop might be within the scope of the subsequent list (naturally not a ranking according to importance):

List of participants

Miklos ABERT (Chicago) Menny AKA (Jerusalem)
Jorge ALMEIDA (Porto) Karl AUINGER (Wien)
Yiftach BARNEA (London) Nigel BOSTON (Madison)
Lior BARY-SOROKER (Tel Aviv) Gunther BERGAUER (Wien)
Marco BOGGI (Paris) Zoe CHATZIDAKIS (Paris)
Ido EFRAT (Be'er Sheva) Liad FIREMAN (Jerusalem)
Fritz GRUNEWALD (Düsseldorf) Dan HARAN (Tel Aviv)
Wolfgang HERFORT (Vienna) Wolfram HOJKA (Wien)
Moshe JARDEN (Tel Aviv) Otto H. KEGEL (U Freiburg i Br)
Helmut KOCH (HU Berlin) Dessislava KOCHLOUKOVA (Campinas)
Jochen KOENIGSMANN (Freiburg i Br) Pierre LOCHAK (Paris)
Karl LORENSEN (Altoona) Alex LUBOTZKY (Jerusalem)
Andrea LUCCHINI (Padova) Avinoam MANN (Jerusalem)
Chen MEIRI (Jerusalem) Primoz MORAVEC (Ljubljana)
Aline G.S. PINTO (Brasilia) Peter PLAUMANN (Erlangen)
Andrei RAPINCHUK (Virginia) Luis RIBES (Ottawa)
Liudmila SABININA (Cuernavaca) Dan SEGAL (Oxford)
Jean-Pierre SERRE (Paris) Aner SHALEV (Jerusalem)
Benjamin STEINBERG (Ottawa) Peter SYMONDS (Manchester)
Thomas WEIGEL (Milano Bicocca) John S. WILSON (Oxford)
Reinhard WINKLER (Wien) Pavel SHUMYATSKY (Brasilia)
Pavel ZALESSKII (Brasilia) Theo ZAPATA (Brasilia)
Flavia F R ZAPATA (Brasilia) Efim ZELMANOV (San Diego)