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Elisa Davoli
Welcome to my homepage!

I'm currently Assistant Professor and FWF Elise Richter fellow at the Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing of the Technical University of Vienna,

where I'm leading the research group Multiscale Calculus of Variations and PDEs.

My research focuses on problems arising in materials science and in image reconstruction, with techniques borrowed from the theory of partial differential equations and from the calculus of variations.

Some research topics are:
  • dimension reduction,
  • evolutionary problems for inelastic phenomena,
  • quasistatic evolution problems and rate independent processes,
  • homogenization and analysis of high-contrast materials,
  • non-convex multiscale variational problems with PDE constraints,
  • finite crystallization,
  • magnetoelasticity,
  • solid-solid phase transitions,
  • epitaxial growth.
  • optimal regularizers in image reconstruction