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Assistant Professor at TU Wien

Contact Information

TU Wien
Institut für Analysis und Scientific Computing
Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10
1040 Wien, Austria


green area on the 6th floor.

Research Interests:

  • Shape Optimisation
  • Topology Optimisation
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Actuator and Sensor Placement
  • Minimax Theory
  • Reproducing Kernels and Mesh Free Methods
  • Stabilisation of Partial Differential Equations
  • Electrical Impedance Tomography
  • Electrical Machines
  • Elasticity



  1. Topological derivative for PDEs on surfaces
    with Peter Gangl
    [preprint, 2020]
  2. LQ-based Optimal Actuator Design for Vibration Control
    with M. Sajjad Edalatzadeh, Dante Kalse, and Kirsten A. Morris
    [preprint, 2019]

Accepted and published work (refereed)

  1. First-order differentiability properties of a class of equality constrained optimal value functions with applications to shape optimization
    Accepted in Journal of Nonsmooth Analysis and Optimization (2020)
    [preprint, 2020]
  2. Fully and Semi-Automated shape differentiation in NGSolve
    with Peter Gangl, Michael Neunteufel, Joachim Schöberl
    Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (2020)
    [preprint, 2020]
  3. Asymptotic analysis and topological derivative for 3D quasi-linear magnetostatics
    with Peter Gangl
    ESAIM:M2AN (2020)
  4. A shape optimization approach for electrical impedance tomography with pointwise measurements
    with Yuri Flores Albuquerque and Antoine Laurain
    Inverse Problems (2020)
  5. A simplified derivation technique of topological derivatives for quasi-linear transmission problems
    with Peter Gangl
    ESAIM:COCV (2020)
  6. Topological sensitivities via a Lagrangian approach for semilinear problems
    Nonlinearity (2020)
  7. On the explicit feedback stabilization of 1D linear nonautonomous parabolic equations via oblique projections
    with S. S. Rodrigues
    IMA J. Math. Control Inform. (2019)
  8. Weakly-normal basis vector fields in rkhs with an application to shape newton methods
    with Alberto Paganini
    SIAM J. Numer. Anal. (2019)
  9. Shape optimization via nearly conformal transformations.
    with Jose A. Iglesias and Florian Wechsung
    SIAM J. Sci. Comput. (2018)
  10. Optimal actuator placement and shaping based on shape calculus.
    with Dante Kalise and Karl Kunisch
    Math. Models Methods Appl. Sci. (2018)
  11. Reproducing kernel hilbert spaces and variable metric algorithms in pde-constrained shape optimization.
    with Martin Eigel
    Optim. Methods Softw. (2017)
  12. Parametric semidifferentiability of minimax of lagrangians: averaged adjoint state approach.
    with Michel C. Delfour
    J. Convex Anal. (2017)
  13. Shape optimization for a class of semilinear variational inequalities with applications to damage models.
    with Christian Heinemann
    SIAM J. Math. Anal. (2016)
  14. Minimax differentiability via the averaged adjoint for control/shape sensitivity.
    with Michel C. Delfour
    IFAC-PapersOnLine (open access) (2016)
  15. Distortion compensation as a shape optimisation problem for a sharp interface model.
    with Michael Hintermüller and Dietmar Hömberg
    Comput. Optim. Appl. (2016)
  16. A structure theorem for shape functions defined on submanifolds.
    Interfaces Free Bound. (2016)
  17. Distributed shape derivative via averaged adjoint method and applications.
    with Antoine Laurain
    ESAIM Math. Model. Numer. Anal. (2016)
  18. Shape optimization with nonsmooth cost functions: from theory to numerics.
    SIAM J. Control Optim. (2016)
  19. Shape optimization of an electric motor subject to nonlinear magnetostatics.
    with Peter Gangl, Ulrich Langer, Antoine Laurain and Houcine Meftahi
    SIAM J. Sci. Comput. (2015)
  20. Minimax Lagrangian approach to the differentiability of nonlinear PDE constrained shape functions without saddle point assumption.
    SIAM J. Control Optim. (2015)
  21. Shape differentiability under non-linear PDE constraints.
    Internat. Ser. Numer. Math. (2015)


  1. Convergence analysis of Newton's method in shape optimization via approximate normal functions
  2. Discretisation and error analysis for a mathematical model of milling processes.
    with Oliver Rott and Dietmar Hömberg


Year Winter Semester Summer Semester
2021 Computermathematik (LaTeX+Python)
2020 Numerische Mathematik Computermathematik (LaTeX+Python)
Seminar:Optimisation and shape optimisation, (info see TISS)
2019 Optimisation with PDE constraints (VU 4SWS)
Seminar:Optimisation and shape optimisation with partial differential equations, (info see TISS)

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