Principal Investigator

Prof. Frank Rattay is specialized in computational neuroscience, biophysics and biomedical engineering. He is a leading expert in the theory of functional electrical nerve and muscle stimulation (e.g. IEEE TBME 1986, 1988, 1989, 1998, 2004, 2007, 2008 and Neuroscience 1984, 1986, 1999, 2010, 2012, 2014). In 1986 he introduced the concept of the activating function, which is the most cited method to explain extracellular electrical excitation. Concerning electrical stimulation of the retina, he wrote a book chapter with the CEO of Second Sight (Rattay, Greenberg, Resatz, 2003), is coauthor with the pioneers Zrenner and Fried (Werginz, Fried, Rattay, 2014; Werginz, Benav, Zrenner, Rattay, 2015), supervised two PhD theses (Resatz, 2005; Werginz, 2016), several diploma theses (e.g. Werginz, 2012) and was external examiner of two PhD theses (Benav, 2012; Eiber, 2015). During his academic career, Frank Rattay supervised 64 PhD theses and 136 master theses, most of them in the field of computational neurosciences. He also established the worldwide first model of electric stimulation of the auditory nerve and thereby supported the development of cochlear implants at Vienna University of Technology in the 1980s. Today, these implants allow thousands of hearing impaired or even deaf people all over the world to experience a higher quality of hearing up to speech comprehension.

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Paul Werginz is a Senior Postdoctoral Fellow in the lab. Paul links experimental data with computational modeling to understand the basic mechanisms inlvolved in action potential generation in both the healthy retina as well as during extracellular electric stimulation of degenerated retina.

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Research Assistants

Andreas Fellner is a PhD student in the lab. He is mainly working on computer simulations investigating the upper threshold phenomenon and its influence on neural prostheses.

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Sogand Sajedi is a first year PhD student in the lab.

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Hassan Bassereh Moosaabadi (PhD student)

Isabell Stiennon (Masters student)

Bettina Wutzl (Masters student)

Simon Danner (PhD student, Postdoc)

Markus M. Hilscher (PhD student)

Jörg Encke (Masters student)

Liliana Paredes (Masters student)

Ursula Hofstötter (PhD student, Postdoc)

Karen Minassian (PhD student, Postdoc)

Cornelia Wenger (PhD student)