NumPDEs seminar

Date Speaker Title Link
Feb 17, 2021Michele RuggeriMicromagnetics @ NumPDEs[slides] [handout]
Feb 24, 2021Ani MiraciA-posteriori-steered p-robust multigrid solvers[slides] [handout]
Mar 10, 2021Givoanni Di FrattaA unified divergent approach to Hardy-Poincaré inequalities in classical and variable Sobolev Spaces[slides] [handout]
Mar 17, 2021Stefan SchimankoRate optimal adaptive FEM for nonlinear operators[slides] [handout]
Mar 24, 2021Carl-Martin PfeilerInvestigation of a new integrator for the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation[slides] [handout]
Apr 14, 2021Michael InnerbergerEnergy minimization for skyrmions on planar thin films[slides] [handout]
Apr 21, 2021Max BrunnerGoal-oriented adaptive FEM for semilinear elliptic PDEs[slides] [handout]
May 05, 2021Julian Streitberger (HU Berlin)Stability of DG-FEM for biharmonic plates[slides] [handout]
May 12, 2021Dirk PraetoriusSaturation assumption[slides] [handout]
May 19, 2021Michael InnerbergerOptimal goal-oriented adaptive FEM with iterative solver[slides] [handout]
May 26, 2021Ani MiraciAdaptivity in the context of a-posteriori-steered p-robust multigrid solvers[slides] [handout]
Jun 02, 2021Giovanni Di FrattaA short proof of local regularity of distributional solutions of Poisson's equation[slides] [handout]
Jun 09, 2021Michele Ruggeri 
Jun 16, 2021Stefan Schimanko 
Jun 23, 202113h00PhD defense of Stefan Schimanko 
Jun 30, 2021Carl-Martin Pfeiler 
Jul 06, 2021Max Brunner