Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Gino Hrkac


Institute for Analysis and Scientific Computing (Inst. E 101)
Vienna University of Technology
Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10
1040 Wien, Austria


++43 1 58801-10154
++43 1 58801-10196


DA 04 L 22 (green section, 4. floor)
at Freihaus building, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10

Office Hours (Sprechstunde):

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Current Fields of Research

His main research area is computational and theoretical magnetism, and especially the development of a numerical model to investigate and predict the behaviour of magnetic spin valve systems and the effect of eddy currents in nano-scale materials. In particular he is working on the theoretical and numerical description of spin electronic devices on a length scale ranging from the computation of the local spin current density and magnetization dynamics with a sub-nm resolution in micron size devices (magnetic nano pillars and Magnetic Tunnel Junctions).

A prominent example for his work is the theoretical explanation of the angular dependency of phase locking phenomena in point contacted spin valves and his work on the simulation of spin current induced magnetization dynamics that explained the low frequency oscillations found in point contact devices that were explained by vortex oscillations.

His latest research includes ab initio simulations of atomic structures, solid state molecular dynamics for the simulation of the transition of amorphous to crystalline grain boundaries in NdFeB magnets within the framework of an industrial funded project on permanent magnets (European-Japanese consortium).

since 10/2009Royal Society University Research Fellow
Department of Engineering Materials, University of Sheffield
09/2008-10/2009  Post-doctoral researcher Toyota Motor Cooperation, Japanese Consortium
10/2005-08/2008Post-doctoral researcher European TUNAMOS Project FW6
06/2005Graduated with excellence and achieved Doctor technicae degree in Technical Physics
Vienna University of Technology
06/2003Graduated and achieved Diplom-Ingenieur Degree in Technical Physics
Vienna University of Technology
2002-2003Diplopma thesis with International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA
1998-2002Career break: Senior procurement Manager at TEB GmbH, Vienna
1995-2002Studying Physics at the Technical University of Vienna
01/1976born in Vienna, Austria