Quantum waveguide simulations

Transient scattering state simulation (MPG movie, 50 MB)

Aharonov-Bohm effect: fast switching (MPG movie, 10 MB), adiabatic switching (MPG movie, 6 MB)

Semiconductor devices

Simulation of a high-frequency resonant tunneling diode oscillator (MPG movie, 11 MB)

Simulation of a 3D quantum stub transistor (AVI movie 33 MB, MP4 movie 1.5 MB)

Simulation of a MOS transistor, part 1 (GIF movie, 0.2 MB)

Numerical solution of Schrödinger's equation (including JAVA applets and MP4 movies)

Numerical solution of the Schrödinger and the Gross-Pitaevskii equation (MPG and AVI movies)

Traffic flow

Traffic flow problem (JAVA animation, in German)

More traffic flow problems (MATLAB Webserver animation)

Financial derivatives

Financial derivatives calculator (including JAVA applets)

Calculator for european and american options (JAVA animation, in German)

Implicit volatility calculator (JAVA animation, in German)

Calculator for compound and chooser options (JAVA animation, in German)