TU-Wien Information Systems and Services

The TISS is the central homepage of the TU. On it you can find information about the Personal, Rooms, Lectures, Phonenumbers and settings and much more.



If you can't log in because you forgot your password or just havent't recieved one yet, your Administrators will be happy to provide you with a new one. You can log in to it HERE

Change Personal Data

To change your personal data please log in to your account. Then go to (1) "Organisation" --> (2) "My business card". Here you will find the menu point (3)"Modify data". Now a pencil symbol will appear right beside the modifiable entries. This includes you room number, your telephone profile and others. Some things won't be editable for you. These entries can only be changed by your Admins. To save your changes just click on the "Back to business card" Button, which is exactly where to modify button was.