Welcome to the Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing

We are pleased that you are interested in the Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing of TU Wien. Currently, the institute has 22 workgroups with more than 90 academic staff members, organized in three research units:

Our research comprises both pure and applied mathematics, where the application problems arise mostly from Engineering and the Natural Sciences. Most of our institute's research is aligned with the TU competence fields „Computational Science and Engineering“ and „Quantum Physics and Quantum Technologies“.

Our international top-level expertise is also reflected in the institute’s participation in the special research program „Taming complexity in PDE systems“ (grant SFB F65 funded by the FWF; deputy head: Prof. Dr. Anton ARNOLD) as well as the doctoral school „Dissipation and dispersion in nonlinear PDEs“ (grant W1245 funded by the FWF; head: Prof. Dr. Ansgar JÜNGEL). Moreover, the faculty members of the institute are (and have been) principal investigators in many research projects funded by various organizations including FWF, WWTF, AIT, EU, and Siemens. In particular, we mention the START projects „PDE models for nanotechnology“ of Prof. Dr. Clemens HEITZINGER and „Tunable materials: geometry, nonlocality, chirality" of Ass.Prof. Dr. Elisa DAVOLI. Finally, the institute is actively involved in the excellence initiatives „Vienna Center for Partial Differential Equations“ and „Vienna School of Mathematics“ run jointly by TU Wien, University of Vienna and in the excellence initiative „Vienna Center for Engineering in Medicine“ run jointly by TU Wien and Medical University of Vienna.

Furthermore, members of the institute are actively contributing to TUForMath — Forum Mathematik (head: Prof. Dr. Dirk PRAETORIUS), a popular science initiative of TU Wien that provides "hands-on" fun mathematics for pupils and shows the impact of mathematics on science and engineering as well as perhaps less expected, on arts and culture, society and economics, and our daily life.

As far as teaching is concerned, we service all BSc, MSc, and PhD courses of Technical Mathematics at TU Wien that are related to the introduction to programming, basic analysis and calculus, functional analysis and operator theory, ordinary and partial differential equations, and numerical methods and simulation (see here for the lectures of the current academic year). Moreover, twice a year the institute offers the so-called „Angleichungskurs Mathematik“, the preparatory mathematics course for students of all disciplines entering TU Wien.

We provide the mathematics curriculum for students of Technical Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Geoinformation and offer a variety of courses on numerical methods and simulation for students in diverse fields including Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Geoinformation (see here for the lectures of the current academic year). Finally, we are also involved in the interdisciplinary MSc course „Computational Science and Engineering“ and the international MSc course „Mathematical Modelling in Engineering“ which is jointly offered together with the Università degli Studi dell’Aquila (Italy), the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain), and the University of Hamburg (Germany). Starting with the study year 2021/22 this MSc course „Mathematical Modelling in Engineering“ will be supported by the EU via the Erasmus Mundus program.

Our excellence in teaching impacts the careers of our students. Most of our alumni follow very successful careers in industry and many have even stayed in academia.

If you have any question or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With best regards,

Prof. Dr.
Head of Institute of Analysis
and Scientific Computing