Recent preprints

Year Authors Title Link
2021 B. Detmann, C. Gavioli, P. Krejci, J. Lamac, Y. Namlyeyeva A model for lime consolidation of porous solids arXiv:2111.07570
2021 C. Gavioli, P. Krejci Phase transitions in porous media arXiv:2111.04562
2021 R. Becker, M. Innerberger, D. Praetorius Adaptive FEM for parameter-errors in elliptic linear-quadratic parameter estimation problems arXiv:2111.03627
2021 C. Helmer, A. Jüngel, A. Zurek Analysis of a finite-volume scheme for a single-species biofilm model arXiv:2110.14933
2021 E. Davoli, K. Nik, U. Stefanelli Existence results for a morphoelastic model arXiv:2110.05566
2021 X. Huo, A. Jüngel, A. Tzavaras Weak-strong uniqueness for Maxwell-Stefan systems arXiv:2110.05331
2021 A. Barletti, P. Holzinger, and A. Jüngel Formal derivation of quantum drift-diffusion equation with spin-orbit interaction arXiv:2109.09616
2021 L. Chen, A. Holzinger, A. Jüngel, and N. Zamponi Analysis and mean field derivation of a porous-medium equation with fractional diffusion arXiv:2109.08598
2021 M. Bresciani, M. Kruzik A reduced model for plates arising as low energy Γ-limit in nonlinear magnetoelasticity arXiv:2109.04864
2021 E. Daus, M. Fellner, and A. Jüngel Random-batch method for multi-species stochastic interacting particle systems arXiv:2109.01897
2021 M. Langer, R. Pruckner, H. Woracek Canonical systems whose Weyl coefficients have dominating real part arXiv:2108.10162
2021 E. Davoli, C. Kreisbeck On static and evolutionary homogenization in crystal plasticity for stratified composites arXiv:2108.00038
2021 E. Davoli, I. Mazari, U. Stefanelli Spectral optimization of inhomogeneous plates arXiv:2107.11207
2021 G. Gantner, D. Praetorius Adaptive BEM for elliptic PDE systems, part II: Isogeometric analysis with hierarchical B-splines for weakly-singular integral equations arXiv:2107.06613
2021 A. Buffa, G. Gantner, C. Gianelli, D. Praetorius, R. Vazquez Mathematical foundations of adaptive isogeometric analysis arXiv:2107.02023
2021 G. Di Fratta, A. Monteil, V. Slastikov Symmetry properties of minimizers of a perturbed Dirichlet energy with a boundary penalization arXiv:2106.15830
2021 A. Arnold, B. Signorello Optimal non-symmetric Fokker-Planck equation for the convergence to a given equilibrium arXiv:2106.15742
2021 A.A.S Amad, P.D. Ledger, T. Betcke, D. Praetorius Accurate benchmark computations of the polarizability tensor for characterising small conducting inclusions arXiv:2106.15157
2021 M. Langer, R. Pruckner, H. Woracek Estimates for the Weyl coefficient of a two-dimensional canonical system arXiv:2106.07391
2021 A. Sokolova, H. Woracek Nawrotzki’s algorithm for the countable splitting lemma, constructively arXiv:2106.06614
2021 R. Pruckner, H. Woracek Limit behaviour of Weyl coefficients arXiv:2106.04167
2021 A. Kovacs, L. Exl, A. Kornell, J. Fischbacher, M. Hovorka, M. Gusenbauer, L. Breth, H. Oezelt, D. Praetorius, D. Suess, T. Schrefl Magnetostatics and micromagnetics with physics informed neural networks arXiv:2106.03362
2021 A. Jüngel, A. Zurek A discrete boundedness-by-entropy method for finite-volume approximations of cross-diffusion systems arXiv:2105.05476
2021 E. Davoli, M. Kruzik, V. Pagliari Homogenization of high-contrast composites under differential constraints arXiv:2104.08079
2021 E. Davoli, A. Molchanova, U. Stefanelli Equilibria of charged hyperelastic solids arXiv:2104.08079
2021 F. Achleitner, A. Arnold, V. Mehrmann Hypocoercivity and controllability in linear semi-dissipative ODEs and DAEs arXiv:2104.07619
2021 A. Jüngel, S. Portisch, A. Zurek Nonlocal cross-diffusion systems for multi-species populations and networks arXiv:2104.06292
2021 I. Mazari, G. Nadin, A.I. Toledo Marrero Optimisation of the total population size with respect to the initial condition for semilinear parabolic equations: Two-scale expansions and symmetrisations arXiv:2104.01080
2021 M. Bresciani, E. Davoli, M. Kružík Existence results in large-strain magnetoelasticity with asymmetric exchange energy arXiv:2103.16261
2021 M. Faustmann, J.M. Melenk, M. Parvizi H-matrix approximability of inverses of FEM matrices for the time-harmonic Maxwell equation arXiv:2103.14981
2021 R.H. Nochetto, M. Ruggeri, S. Yang Gamma-convergent projection-free finite element methods for nematic liquid crystals: The Ericksen model arXiv:2103.13926
2021 A. Arnold, S. Geevers, I. Perugia, D. Ponomarev An adaptive finite element method for high-frequncy scattering problemes iwht variable coefficients arXiv:2103.02511
2021 J. Körner, A. Arnold, K. Döpfner WKB-based scheme with adaptive step size control for the Schrödinger equation in the highly oscillatory regime arXiv:2102.03107
2021 K. Dareiotis, M. Gerencser, K. Le Quantifying a convergence theorem of Gyöngy and Krylov arXiv:2101.12185
2021 R. Becker, G. Gantner, M. Innerberger, D.Praetorius Goal-oriented adaptive finite element methods with optimal computational complexity arXiv:2101.11407
2021 G. Dhariwal, F. Huber, A. Jüngel Global martingale solutions for a stochastic Shigesada-Kawasaki-Teramoto population model arXiv:2012.12765
2021 A. Arnold, J. Dolbeault, C. Schmeiser, T. Wöhrer Sharpening of decay rates in Fourier based hypocoercivity methods arXiv:2012.09103
2021 G. Di Fratta, A. Fiorenza, V. Slastikov On symmetry of energy minimizing harmonic-type maps on cylindrical surfaces [pdf]
2021 G. Di Fratta, A. Fiorenza A unified divergent approach to Hardy-Poincaré inequalities in classical and variable Sobolev Spaces [pdf]

Older preprints

2020 E. Davoli, T. Roubicek, U. Stefanelli A note about hardening-free viscoelastic models in Maxwellian-type rheologies at large strains [pdf]
2020 A. Menovschikov, A. Molchanova, L. Scarpa An extended variational theory for nonlinear evolution equations via modular spaces arXiv:2012.05518
2020 A. Jüngel, A. Zurek A convergent structure-preserving finite-volume scheme for the Shigesada-Kawasaki-Teramoto population system arXiv:2011.08731
2020 L. Banjai, J.M. Melenk, C. Schwab Exponential Convergence of hp FEM for Spectral Fractional Diffusion in Polygons arXiv:2011.05701
2020 E.S. Daus, M.P. Gualdani, J. Xu, N. Zaponi, X. Zhang Non-local porous media equations with fractional time derivative arXiv:2010.16332
2020 E. Davoli, G. Di Fratta, D. Praetorius, M. Ruggeri Micromagnetics of thin films in the presence of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction arXiv:2010.15541
2020 L. Chen, E.S. Daus, A. Holzinger, A. Jüngel Rigorous derivation of population cross-diffusion systems from moderately interacting particle systems arXiv:2010.12389
2020 G. Di Fratta, A. Jüngel, D. Praetorius, V. Slastikov Spin-diffusion model for micromagnetics in the limit of long times arXiv:2009.14534
2020 A. Abbatiello, M. Bulicek, E. Maringova On the dynamic slip boundary condition for Navier-Stokes-like problems arXiv:2009.09057
2020 M. Gerencser Regularisation by regular noise arXiv:2009.08418
2020 M. Bulicek, J. Malek, E. Maringova On nonlinear problems of parabolic type with implicit constitutive equations involving flux arXiv:2009.06917
2020 G. Gantner, D. Praetorius Plain convergence of adaptive algorithms without exploiting reliability and efficiency [published]
2020 M. Feischl, A. Scaglioni Convergence of adaptive stochastic collocation with finite elements arXiv:2008.12591
2020 M. Faustmann, J.M. Melenk, M. Parvizi Caccioppoli-type estimates and H -Matrix approximations to inverses for FEM- BEM couplings arXiv:2008.11498
2020 E. Davoli, M. Kruzik, P. Pelech Separately global solutions to rate-independent processes in large-strain inelasticity arXiv:2008.02244
2020 A. Kauch, P. Worm, P. Prauhart, M. Innerberger, C. Watzenböck, K. Held Enhancement of impact ionization in Hubbard clusters by disorder and next-nearest-neighbor hopping arXiv:2007.16035
2020 L. Barletti, P. Holzinger, A. Jüngel Quantum drift-diffusion equations for a two-dimensional electron gas with a spin-orbit arXiv:2007.15947
2020 M. Bresciani Linearized von Karman theory for incompressible magnetoelastic plates arXiv:2007.14122
2020 A. Arnold, A. Einav, B. Signorello, T. Wöhrer Large time convergence of the non-homogeneous Goldstein-Taylor equation [published]
2020 P. Heid, D. Praetorius, T.P. Wihler Energy contraction and optimal convergence of adaptive iterative linearized finite element methods [published]
2020 F. Achleitner, C. Kuehn, J.M. Melenk, A. Rieder Metastable speeds in the fractional Allen-Cahn equation arXiv:2006.02731
2020 A. Bespalov, D. Praetorius, M. Ruggeri Two-level a posteriori error estimation for adaptive multilevel stochastic Galerkin FEM [published]
2020 E. Daus, M. Ptashnyk, C. Raithel Derivation of a fractional cross-diffusion system as the limit of a stochastic many-particle system driven by Lévy noise arXiv:2006.00277
2020 M. Faustmann, M. Karkulik, J.M. Melenk Local convergence of the FEM for the integral fractional Laplacian arXiv:2005.14109
2020 M. Innerberger, P. Worm, P. Prauhart, A. Kauch Electron-light interaction in nonequilibrium - exact diagonalization for time dependent Hubbard Hamiltonians arXiv:2005.13498
2020 T. Führer, D. Praetorius A short note on plain convergence of adaptive least-squares finite element methods [published]
2020 P. Gangl, K. Sturm Topological derivative for PDEs on surfaces arXiv:2005.09011
2020 T.S. Gutleb, N.J. Mauser, M. Ruggeri, H.P. Stimming A time splitting method for the three-dimensional linear Pauli equation arXiv:2005.06072
2020 N. Angleitner, M. Faustmann, J.M. Melenk Approximating inverse FEM matrices on non-uniform meshes with H-matrices arXiv:2005.04999
2020 E. Davoli, M. Friedrich Two-well linearization for solid-solid phase transitions arXiv:2005.03892
2020 A. Haberl, D. Praetorius, S. Schimanko, M. Vohralik Convergence and quasi-optimal cost of adaptive algorithms for nonlinear operators including iterative linearization and algebraic solver [published]
2020 L. Banjai, J.M. Melenk, C. Schwab hp-FEM for reaction-diffusion equations, Part II. Robust exponential convergence for multiple length scales in corner domains arXiv:2004.10517
2020 G. Gantner, D. Praetorius Adaptive BEM for elliptic PDE systems, Part I: Abstract framework for weakly-singular integral equations [published]
2020 P. Gangl, K. Sturm, M. Neunteufel, J. Schöberl Fully and Semi-Automated Shape Differentiation in NGSolve arXiv:2004.06783
2020 C. Helmer, A. Jüngel Analysis of Maxwell-Stefan systems for heat conducting fluid mixtures arXiv:2004.06440
2020 L. Mascotto, J.M. Melenk, I. Perugia, A. Rieder FEM-BEM mortar coupling for the Helmholtz problem in three dimensions arXiv:2004.03523
2020 J. Dick, M. Feischl Quasi-Monte Carlo data compression algorithm for machine learning arXiv:2004.02491
2020 R. Becker, M. Innerberger, D. Praetorius Optimal convergence rates for goal-oriented FEM with quadratic goal functional [published]
2020 G. Gantner, A. Haberl, D. Praetorius, S. Schimanko Rate optimality of adaptive finite element methods with respect to the overall computational costs [published]
2020 C. Bellingeri, P. K. Friz, M. Gerencser Singular paths spaces and applications arXiv:2003.03352
2020 A. Rieder, F.J. Sayas, J.M. Melenk Runge-Kutta approximation for C0-semigroups in the graph norm with applica- tions to time domain boundary integral equations arXiv:2003.01996
2020 A. Arnold, C. Schmeiser, B. Signorello Propagator norm and sharp decay estimates for Fokker-Planck equations with linear drift arXiv:2003.01405
2020 K. Dareiotis, M. Gerencser, B. Gess Porous media equations with multiplicative space-time white noise arXiv:2002.12924
2020 M.S. Edalatzadeh, D. Kalise, K.A. Morris, K. Sturm Shape Optimization of Actuators over Banach Spaces for Nonlinear Systems arXiv:2002.07172
2020 M. Bulicek, A. Jüngel, M. Pokorny, N. Zamponi Existence analysis of a stationary compressible fluid model for heat-conducting and chemically reacting mixtures arXiv:2001.06082
2020 K. Sturm First-order differentiability properties of a class of equality constrained optimal value functions with applications arXiv:2001.04340
2020 A. Jüngel, M. Braukhoff Entropy-dissipating finite-difference schemes for nonlinear fourth-order parabolic equations arXiv:2001.03742
2020 M. Faustmann, J.M. Melenk, M. Parvizi On the stability of Scott-Zhang type operators and application to multilevel preconditioning in fractional diffusion arXiv:1912.09160 
2020 E.S. Daus, S. Jin, L. Liu On the multi-species Boltzmann equation with uncertainty and its stochastic Galerkin approximation arXiv:1909.01231
2020 E. Davoli, I. Fonseca, P. Liu Adaptive image processing: first order PDE constraint regularizers and a bilevel training scheme arXiv:1902.01122
2020 M. Bernkopf, J.M. Melenk Optimal convergence rates in L2 for a first order system least squares finite element method, Part 1: Homogeneous boundary conditions asc45x2020.pdf
2020 J.M. Gambi, M.L. Garcia del Pino, J. Mosser, E.B. Weinmüller Numerical simulation of post-Newtonian ECI equations for orbital motion asc40x2020.pdf
2020 M. Ruggeri Numerical analysis of the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation with inertial effects asc38x2020.pdf
2020 A. Bespalov, D. Praetorius, M. Ruggeri Convergence and rate optimality of adaptive multilevel stochastic Galerkin FEM [published]
2020 K. Döpfner, A. Arnold On the stationary Schrödinger equation in the semi-classical limit: Asymptotic blow-up at a turning point [published]
2020 P. Amodio, A. Arnold, T. Levitina, G. Settanni, E. Weinmüller On the Abramov approach for the numerical simulation of the whispering gallery modes in prolate spheroids [published]
2020 A. Rieder, F. Sayas, J.M. Melenk Time domain boundary integral equations and convolution quadrature for scattering by composite media asc29x2020.pdf
2020 G. Di Fratta, A. Fiorenza, V. Slastikov An estimate of the blow-up of Lebesgue norms in the non-tempered case asc19x2020.pdf
2020 G. Di Fratta Micromagnetics of curved thin films asc17x2020.pdf
2019 S. Kurz, D. Pauly, D. Praetorius, S. Repin, D. Sebastian Functional a posteriori error estimates for boundary element methods [published]
2019 P.-E. Druet and A. Jüngel Analysis of cross-diffusion systems for fluid mixtures driven by a pressure gradient [published]
2019 Y.F. Albuquerque, A. Laurain, K. Sturm A shape optimization approach for electrical impedance tomography with point measurements arXiv:1911.06074
2019 F. Alouges, G. Di Fratta Parking 3-sphere swimmer, part II. The long arm asymptotic regime arXiv:1910.10712
2019 G. Di Fratta, M. Innerberger, D. Praetorius Weak-strong uniqueness for the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation in micromagnetics [published]
2019 G. Gantner, D. Praetorius Adaptive IGAFEM with optimal convergence rates: T-splines [published]
2019 G. Dhariwal, F. Huber, A. Jüngel, C. Kuehn, A. Neamtu Global martingale solutions for quasilinear SPDEs via the boundedness-by-entropy method arXiv:1909.08892
2019 O. Butkovsky, K. Dareiotis, M. Gerencser Approximation of SDEs - a stochastic sewing approach [published]
2019 J. Bohn, M. Feischl Recurrent Neural Networks as optimal mesh refinement strategies arXiv:1909.04275
2019 P. Gangl, K. Sturm Asymptotic analysis and topological derivative for 3D quasi-linear magnetostatics arXiv:1908.10775
2019 P. Holzinger, A. Jüngel Large-time asymptotics for a matrix spin drift-diffusion model arXiv:1908.10096
2019 X. Chen, A. Jüngel When do cross-diffusion systems have an entropy structure? arXiv:1908.06873
2019 P. Gangl, K. Sturm A simplified derivation technique of topological derivatives for quasi-linear transmission problems arXiv:1907.13420
2019 C.-M. Pfeiler, D. Praetorius Dörfler marking with minimal cardinality is a linear complexity problem [published]
2019 M. Innerberger, D. Praetorius Instance-optimal goal-oriented adaptivity [published]
2019 A. Jüngel, O. Leingang, S. Wang Vanishing cross-diffusion limit in a Keller-Segel system with additional cross-diffusion arXiv:1907.11387
2019 L. Nannen, M. Wess Complex scaled infinite elements for exterior Helmholtz problems arXiv:1907.09746
2019 D. Praetorius, M. Ruggeri, E.P. Stephan The saturation assumption yields optimal convergence of two-level adaptive BEM [published]
2019 G. Di Fratta, C. Muratov, F. Rybakov, V. Slastikov Variational principles of micromagnetics revisited arXiv:1905.04568
2019 G. Di Fratta, A. Fiorenza A short proof of local regularity of distributional solutions of Poisson’s equation arXiv:1904.05839 
2019 G. Di Fratta. J.M. Robbins, V. Slastikov, A. Zarnescu Landau-de Gennes corrections to the Oseen-Frank theory of nematic liquid crystals arXiv:1904.02410
2019 A. Arnold, S. Jin, T. Wöhrer Sharp Decay Estimates in Local Sensitivity Analysis for Evolution Equations with Uncertainties: from ODEs to Linear Kinetic Equations [published]
2019 J.M. Melenk, S.A. Sauter, C. Torres Wave number-explicit analysis for Galerkin discretizations of lossy Helmholtz problems arXiv:1904.00207
2019 M. Faustmann, J.M. Melenk, D. Praetorius Quasi-optimal convergence rate for an adaptive method for the integral fractional Laplacian [published]
2019 M.S. Edalatzadeh, D. Kalise, K.A. Morris, K. Sturm Optimal actuator design for vibration control based on LQR performance and shape calculus arXiv:1903.07572
2019 G. Gantner, D. Praetorius, S. Schimanko Adaptive isogeometric boundary element methods with local smoothness control [published]
2019 T. Betcke, A. Haberl, D. Praetorius Adaptive boundary element methods for the computation of the electrostatic capacity on complex polyhedra [published]
2019 G. Di Fratta, V. Slastikov, A. Zarnescu On a sharp Poincaré-type inequality on the 2-sphere and its application in micromagnetics arXiv:1901.04334
2019 J.M. Melenk, A. Rieder hp-FEM for the fractional heat equation arXiv:1901.01767
2019 W. Auzinger, M. Fallahpour, O. Koch, E. Weinmüller Implementation of a pathfollowing strategy with an automatic step-length control: New MATLAB package bvpsuite2.0 asc31x2019.pdf
2019 W. Auzinger, O. Koch, E. Weinmüller, S. Wurm Modular version bvpsuite1.2 of the collocation MATLAB package bvpsuite1.1 asc30x2019.pdf
2019 G. Di Fratta, A. Fiorenza BMO-type seminorms from Escher-type tessellations asc17x2019.pdf
2019 R. Pruckner, H. Woracek Limit behaviour of Nevanlinna functions asc16x2019.pdf
2019 E. Davoli, G. Di Fratta Homogenization of chiral magnetic materials - A mathematical evidence of Dzyaloshinskii’s predictions on helical structures [published]
2019 J.M. Melenk, A. Rieder On superconvergence of Runge-Kutta convuolution quadrature for the wave equation asc13x2019.pdf
2019 A. Sass, M. Tung, E. Weinmüller Numerische Lösung singulärer Randwertprobleme gewöhnlicher Differentialgleichungen: Neuer Matlab Code bvpsuite 2.0 asc05x2019.pdf
2019 R. Romanov, H. Woracek Canonical systems with discrete spectrum asc04x2019.pdf
2019 P. Amodio, C. Budd, O. Koch, V. Rottschäfer, G. Settanni, E. Weinmüller Near critical, self-similar, blow-up solutions of the generalised Korteweg-de Vries equation: asymptotics and computations [published]
2018 G. Di Fratta, T. Führer, G. Gantner, D. Praetorius Adaptive Uzawa algorithm for the Stokes equation [published]
2018 C.-M. Pfeiler, M. Ruggeri, B. Stiftner, L. Exl, M. Hochsteger, G. Hrkac, J. Schöberl, N. Mauser, D. Praetorius Computational micromagnetics with Commics [published]
2018 A. Gerstenmayer, A. Jüngel Comparison of a finite-element and finite-volume scheme for a degenerate cross-diffusion system for ion transport arXiv:1812.05849
2018 A. Bespalov, D. Praetorius, L. Rocchi, M. Ruggeri Convergence of adaptive stochastic Galerkin FEM [published]
2018 L. Chen, E. Daus, A. Jüngel Rigorous mean-field limit and cross diffusion arXiv:1810.08409
2018 X. Huo, A. Jüngel, A. Tzavaras High-friction limits of Euler flows for multicomponent systems arXiv:1810.08225 
2018 A. Jüngel, M. Ptashnyk Homogenization of degenerate cross-diffusion systems arXiv:1810.07395
2018 A. Jüngel, O. Leingang Convergence of an implicit Euler Galerkin scheme for Poisson-Maxwell-Stefan systems arXiv:1809.00413
2018 J. Kraus, C.-M. Pfeiler, D. Praetorius, M. Ruggeri, B. Stiftner Iterative solution and preconditioning for the tangent plane scheme in computational micromagnetics [published]
2018 M. Bernkopf, J.M. Melenk Analysis of the hp-version of a first order system least squares method for the Helmholtz equation arXiv:1808.07825
2018 T. Führer, G. Gantner, D. Praetorius, S. Schimanko Optimal additive Schwarz preconditioning for adaptive 2D IGA boundary element methods [published]
2018 M. Karkulik, J.M. Melenk H-matrix approximability of inverses of discretizations of the fractional Laplacian arXiv:1808.04274
2018 A. Arnold, C. Klein, B. Ujvari WKB-method for the 1D Schrödinger equation in the semi-classical limit: enhanced phase treatment [published]
2018 S.S. Rodrigues, K. Sturm On the explicit feedback stabilisation of 1D linear nonautonomous parabolic equations via oblique projections arXiv:1808.01125
2018 A. Bespalov, T. Betcke, A. Haberl, D. Praetorius Adaptive BEM with optimal convergence rates for the Helmholtz equation [published]
2018 C. Erath, D. Praetorius Optimal adaptivity for the SUPG finite element method [published]
2018 A. Bespalov, D. Praetorius, L. Rocchi, M. Ruggeri Goal-oriented error estimation and adaptivity for elliptic PDEs with parametric or uncertain inputs [published]
2018 T. Führer, A. Haberl, D. Praetorius, S. Schimanko Adaptive BEM with inexact PCG solver yields almost optimal computational costs [published]
2018 A. Arnold, K. Döpfner Stationary Schrödinger equation in the semi-classical limit: WKB-based scheme coupled to a turning point [published]
2018 X. Chen, A. Jüngel Weak-strong uniqueness of renormalized solutions to reaction-cross-diffusion systems arXiv:1805.02950
2018 C. Erath, G. Gantner, D. Praetorius Optimal convergence behavior of adaptive FEM driven by simple (h-h/2)-type error estimators [published]
2018 J.M. Melenk, S. Sauter Wavenumber-explicit hp-FEM analysis for Maxwell's equations with transparent boundary conditions arXiv:1803.01619
2018 K. Sturm Topological sensitivities via a Lagrangian approach for semi-linear problems arXiv:1803.00304
2018 E. Daus, A. Jüngel, B. Quoc Tang Exponential time decay of solutions to reaction-cross-diffusion systems of Maxwell-Stefan type arXiv:1802.10274
2018 F. Achleitner, A. Jüngel, M. Yamamoto Large-time asymptotics of a fractional drift-diffusion-Poisson system via the entropy method arXiv:1802.10272
2018 F. Achleitner, A. Arnold, B. Signorello On optimal decay estimates for ODEs and PDEs with modal decomposition [published]
2018 J.M. Melenk, C. Rojik On commuting $p$-version projection-based interpolation on tetrahedra (extended version) arXiv:1802.00197
2018 C. Cancès, C. Chainais-Hillairet, A. Gerstenmayer, A. Jüngel Convergence of a finite-volume scheme for a degenerate cross-diffusion model for ion transport arXiv:1801.09408
2018 L. Brugnano, G. Gurioli, F. Iavernaro, E. Weinmüller Line integral solution of Hamiltonian systems with holonomic constraints arXiv:1704.08128
2018 A. Jüngel, U. Stefanelli, L. Trussardi Two time discretizations for gradient flows exactly replicating energy dissipation asc28x2018.pdf
2018 F. Auer, E. Weinmüller Convergence of the collocation schemes for systems of nonlinear ODEs with a time singularity asc26x2018.pdf
2018 T. Jawecki, W. Auzinger, O. Koch Computable strict upper bounds for Krylov approximations to a class of matrix exponentials and φ-functions asc23x2018.pdf
2018 M. Fallahpour, S. McKee, E. Weinmüller Numerical simulation of flow in smectic liquid crystals asc16x2018.pdf
2018 J. Burkotova, I. Rachunkova, S. Stanek, E. Weinmüller, S. Wurm On nonsingular BVPs with nonsmooth data. Part 1: Analytical results asc14x2018.pdf
2018 J. Gambi, M. Garcia del Pino, J. Mosser, E. Weinmüller Post-Newtonian equations for free-space laser communications between space-based systems asc13x2018.pdf
2018 W. Auzinger, J. Burkotova, I. Rachunkova, V. Wenin Shooting methods for state-dependent impulsive boundary value problems, with applications asc02x2018.pdf
2018 W. Auzinger, H. Hofstätter, O. Koch, M. Quell, M. Thalhammer A Posteriori Error Estimation for Magnus-Type Integrators asc01x2018.pdf
2017 S. Sokolova, H. Woracek Proper semirings and proper convex functors arXiv:1802.07830 
2017 G. Hrkac, C.-M. Pfeiler, D. Praetorius, M. Ruggeri, A. Segatti, B. Stiftner Convergent tangent plane integrators for the simulation of chiral magnetic skyrmion dynamics [published]
2017 G. Di Fratta, C.-M. Pfeiler, D. Praetorius, M. Ruggeri, B. Stiftner Linear second-order IMEX-type integrator for the (eddy current) Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation [published]
2017 F. Achleitner, A. Arnold, E. Carlen On multi-dimensional hypocoercive BGK models arXiv:1711.07360
2017 X. Chen, A. Jüngel Global renormalized solutions to reaction-cross-diffusion systems arXiv:1711.01463
2017 D. Kalise, K. Kunisch, K. Sturm Optimal actuator placement and shaping based on shape calculus arXiv:1711.01183
2017 S. Sokolova, H. Woracek Termination in Convex Sets of Distributions arXiv:1710.10402
2017 J. A. Iglesias, K. Sturm,  F. Wechsung Shape optimization via nearly conformal transformations arXiv:1710.06496
2017 E. Daus, L. Desvillettes, A. Jüngel Cross-diffusion systems and fast-reaction limits arXiv:1710.03590
2017 C. Erath, D. Praetorius Adaptive vertex-centered finite volume methods for general second-order linear elliptic PDEs [published]
2017 A. Jüngel, O. Leingang Blow-up of solutions to semi-discrete parabolic-elliptic Keller-Segel models arXiv:1709.03931
2017 L. Banjai, J.M. Melenk, R. Nochetto, E. Otarola, A. Salgado, C. Schwab Tensor FEM for spectral fractional diffusion arXiv:1707.07367 
2017 A. Gerstenmayer, A. Jüngel Analysis of a degenerate parabolic cross-diffusion system for ion transport arXiv:1706.07261
2017 A. Paganini, K. Sturm Weakly-normal basis vector fields in RKHS with an application to shape newton methods arXiv:1705.08463
2017 M. Löhndorf, J.M. Melenk On thin plate spline interpolation arXiv:1705.05178
2017 R. Pruckner Density of the spectrum of Jacobi matrices with power asymptotics arXiv:1704.06789
2017 T. Führer, D. Praetorius A linear Uzawa-type FEM-BEM solver for nonlinear transmission problems [published]
2017 S. Börm, C. Börst, J.M. Melenk An analysis of a butterfly algorithm arXiv:1703.01941
2017 M. Faustmann, J.M. Melenk Local convergence of the boundary element method on polyhedral domains arXiv:1702.04224 
2017 A. Jüngel, S. Schuchnigg A discrete Bakry-Emery method and its application to the porous-medium equation arXiv:1702.03780
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2017 M. Tung, E. Weinmüller Metamaterial Acoustics on the (2+1)D Schwarzschild Plane [published]
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