Grants (ongoing)

Funding body Start End Project title Principal investigator
ECR Grant 2021 2026 Emerging Network Structures and Neuromorphic Applications Ansgar Jüngel
FWF Y1292 2021 2026 START project Tunable materials: Geometry, nonlocality, chirality Elisa Davoli
FWF P34992-N 2021 2025 Regularization by noise in discrete and continuous systems Mate Gerencser
FWF P34609-N 2021 2025 Analysis and Modeling of Magnetic Skyrmions Giovanni Di Fratta
FWF SFB F65 2017 2025 Special research program „Taming Complexity in PDE systems“ Anton Arnold (deputy speaker), Elisa Davoli, Michael Feischl, Ansgar Jüngel, Jens Markus Melenk, Dirk Praetorius, Joachim Schöberl
DFG CRC 1173 2020 2024 Theory and numerics of the coupled Maxwell–Landau–Lifshitz–Gilbert equations Michael Feischl
FWF P33216 2020 2024 Computational nonlinear PDEs Dirk Praetorius
FWF M3103 2021 2023 Optimal control and design problems for piezoelectric materials Idriss Mazari
Silicon Austria Labs 2020 2023 Simulationen mit der Finiten Elemente Methode im Bereich elektromagnetischer Verträglichkeit Joachim Schöberl
FWF P33151 2020 2023 Numerical constraints for the Wigner and the Sigma equation Hans Kosina, Anton Arnold
FWF P32911 2020 2023 Multiphysical shape optimization of electrical machines Kevin Sturm
FWF V662 2020 2023 High contrast materials in plasticity and magnetoelasticity Elisa Davoli
FWF P33010 2019 2023 Multicomponent systems with incomplete diffusion Ansgar Jüngel
NIH-Prime Award 1R01NS110575-01 2019 2023 Investigating the response of CNS neurons to electric and magnetic stimulation Frank Rattay
FWF I4052 2020 2022 Large strain challenges in materials science Elisa Davoli
FWF P31926 2018 2022 High-performance multiscale finite element methods Karl Hollaus
FWF W1245 2013 2022 Doctoral program „Dissipation and dispersion in nonlinear PDEs” Ansgar Jüngel (speaker), Anton Arnold, Jens Markus Melenk, Dirk Praetorius, Joachim Schöberl
AIT 2003 2022 Simulation in medicine and physiology Felix Breitenecker
FFG /AC2T 2020 2021 Multiscale observation of interface evolution Joachim Schöberl
FWF M2670 2020 2021 Mappings with finite distortion for nonlinear solid mechanics Anastasia Molchanova
FWF I3401 2018 2021 Analysis of PDEs with cross-diffusion and stochastic driving Nicola Zamponi, Ansgar Jüngel
FWF P30000 2017 2021 Derivation and analysis of cross-diffusion systems Ansgar Jüngel
TU Wien 2017 2021 Blended learning methods in mathematics and applied mathematics Andreas Körner
FWF P29096 2016 2021 Optimal isogeometric BEM Dirk Praetorius
FWF P28367 2015 2021 Analysis of H-matrix inversion Jens Markus Melenk
FWF Y660 2013 2021 START project „PDE models for nanotechnology“ Clemens Heitzinger

Grants (finished)

Funding body Start End Project title Principal investigator
FWF J3947 2019 2020 Identification of calcium current reversal in bipolar cells Paul Werginz
FWF P28807-N35 2019 2020 Infinite Quantum Graphs Oleksiy Kostenko
MIT S4754 / 266276 2019 2020 Nonlinear model velocity estimation for seismic inversion: Helmholtz solvers Joachim Schöberl
FWF I3538 2018 2020 Analytical, numerical, and integrable systems — Approaches for nonlinear dispersive PDEs Anton Arnold
FWF P30715 2018 2020 Order and type of canonical systems Harald Woracek
TU Wien GZ 9006.09 2017 2020 Hardy space infinite elements for optical micro-cavities in inhomogeneous media Lothar Nannen
FWF P29650 2016 2020 Upper Threshold phenomenon and its impact on neuroprotheses Frank Rattay
Siemens 2018 2019 TransFEM Temperature Simulation in NGS-Py and TiebarFEM-Update Joachim Schöberl
Siemens 2018 2019 Extension TransFEM: new Kesselmodel and TransFEM with NGS-Py Joachim Schöberl
Silicon Austria Labs 2018 2019 EMCC Karl Hollaus
EU 674901 2015 2019 In the eye of the observer: Visual processing at the heart of the retina Frank Rattay
FWF 28059 2015 2019 pULSE-pTx — Ultra-fast local SAR estimation Joachim Schöberl
FWF P26252 2014 2019 Infinite elements for exterior Maxwell problems Lothar Nannen
FWF P27005 2014 2019 Optimal adaptivity for BEM and FEM-BEM coupling Dirk Praetorius
FWF P27028 2014 2019 Multi-scale FEM for the eddy current problem in ferromagnetic laminated media Karl Hollaus
Siemens 2017 2018 TransFEM Temperature Simulation in NGS-Py and TiebarFEM-Update Joachim Schöberl
Siemens 2017 2018 TransFEM Temperaturrechnung in NGS-Py und TiebarFEM-Update Joachim Schöberl
WWTF MA14-44 2015 2018 Thermally controlled magnetization dynamics Dirk Praetorius
FWF P27352 2014 2018 Analysis of diffusion models for multi-species systems Ansgar Jüngel
EU H"2020 0 2018 2020 Centre of excellence for mathematical modeling and advanced computing in science and engineering
ESI 2016 2016 Thematic programme: Nonlinear flows Eduard Feireisl, Ansgar Jüngel, Alexander Mielke,  Giuseppe Savare
TU Wien 2014 2016 Reliable and efficient numerical integration of the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation in micromagnetics Dirk Praetorius
EU ITN 304617 2013 2015 Novel methods in computational finance Ansgar Jüngel
FWF P24304 2012 2015 Discrete entropy structures in nonlinear diffusive evolution equations Ansgar Jüngel
FWF P23598 2011 2014 Deterministic solution of the Boltzmann equation for device reliability investigations Tibor Grasser, Ansgar Jüngel
TU Wien 2011 2014 Effective numerical methods for the Johnson-Nédélec coupling of FEM and BEM Dirk Praetorius
FWF I395 2010 2014 Quantum transport equations: Kinetic, relativistic und diffusive phenomena Anton Arnold, Ansgar Jüngel
WWTF MA14-29 2010 2014 Mathematics and Nanosensors Clemens Heitzinger
FWF P21732 2009 2014 Adaptive boundary element methods Dirk Praetorius
EU 2012 2013 When fluid dynamics turns to biology Ansgar Jüngel
TU Wien 2010 2013 Entropic structures and discrete schemes for quantum diffusion and related equation Ansgar Jüngel
WWTF MA09-29 2010 2013 Micromagnetic simulation and computational design of future devices Gino Hrkac, Dirk Praetorius
FWF P20871 2009 2013 Mathematical Models and Characterization of BioFETs Clemens Heitzinger
TU Wien 2008 2012 TU Graduate school „PDEs in technical systems“ Ansgar Jüngel (speaker), Anton Arnold, Jens Markus Melenk, Dirk Praetorius
FWF Wissenschaftskollegs W8 2007 2010 Analysis of open quantum systems Anton Arnold