July 05, 2021

Gaspard Monge PhD Award for Idriss Mazari

Dr. Idriss Mazari has been awarded one of the two Gaspard Monge Thesis Prize of 2021. This annual award is given for the best PhD thesis of a PhD student in the topics of optimization, operational research, and their interactions with data science.

Idriss Mazari completed his PhD in September 2020 and has been working ever since at the Institute of Analysis and Scientific computing as a postdoc in the Workgroup of Multiscale Calculus of Variations, (head: Assoc. Prof. Elisa DAVOLI). His research activity focuses on shape optimization, optimal control, homogenization, and their applications in continuum mechanics and biology.

The Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing congratulates Idriss for winning this PhD award.

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