Researchers and engineers engaged in modeling and simulation of laminates and windings in static or quasi-static magnetic fields are invited to come to Vienna and attend the workshop.

Authors are invited to submit contributions for oral or poster presentation. The contribution must deal with multi-scale methods or homogenization to model laminates or windings in static or quasi-static magnetic fields. Coupled problems with one of these fields are also welcome.

Decision on oral or poster presentation will be made depending on the number of participants in good time.


The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts in the field of mathematical and numerical modeling of static or quasi-static magnetic fields in laminates and windings, to discuss recent developments and industrial applications, to identify challenging mathematical and engineering problems and new research directions.


Contributions to multi-scale methods and homogenization for laminates and windings in static or quasi-static magnetic fields dealing with one of the following topics are welcome:

    1. Numerical Techniques: Formulations

    2. Geometry: Step-Lap-Joints, Ventilation Ducts, etc.

    3. Material Modeling: Anisotropy, Hysteresis, etc.

    4. Coupled Multi-Physics Problems (Electromagnetic Field coupled to …)

    5. Benchmark Problems